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GIF is still the most popular animation format on the Internet.
With this tool, you can combine your photos into an animation online and for free.
Upload your images, select the order and set the speed of the animation.
Select image files to combine:
single file size max. 5 MB

send files in small portions to reduce waiting time

Time interval between frames [1/100 sec] podgląd niedostępny
- show speed of animation

Images of different sizes:
align to the largest (images smaller than the largest will be stretched)
match to the smallest (images larger than the smallest will be reduced)
create a frame for smaller (a frame in the selected color will be created around pictures of smaller sizes than the largest)
white gray black

Thumbnails of photos and images will appear here to be combined into a gif animation.


For all images, you can set the time interval between frames or individual interval for each image.
Additionally, it will be possible to set the order in which the photos are displayed in the animation:
  • manually in the column pos.
  • with the arrow buttons (↑ / ↓)
To delete a photo, simply press the × button

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