Want to combine your photos into an animated gif?

Use the free on-line generator.

This guide will help you create a moving gif with an application that does not need to be downloaded or installed.

Selection of images to combine into GIF

After starting the editor, the main window will appear.

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Use the "Select image" button (1) to search your computer, phone or tablet for image files that you want to combine.
You can upload a batch of up to 20 files at once. If you need more, you can add more after sending the batch.
Once you have selected the correct files, press the "Start" button (2).

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A message about sending the file will appear. Please wait patiently, the upload and preprocessing times will depend on the number and size of your photos.

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In-app actions: animation speed, photo order

When the files are loaded, their thumbnails and names will be shown at the bottom of the generator (7).
You can change the time interval between frames using the + and - buttons or enter it manually (3).
Additionally, you can set individual time intervals (interval) between individual pictures (8). Reusing (3) deletes individual intervals.
The animated pictures (4) shows how quickly the photos will change in the resulting animation.

If the images you upload are of different sizes, you can choose how you want them to fit together (5): The arrow buttons (9, 10) set the display order of images in gif file.
The order can also be changed manually by entering an item in one of the fields (6)
If you decide that one is unnecessary, you can delete it with the red button × (11).

To add more photos, hit "Choose your images" at the top of the app.
Clicking on "Use the button at the top ..." (12) will take you to the image selection button.

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When you decide that everything is ready, press the "Save image" (13).
If you get a warning that your images are too large, you'd better accept the changes, otherwise:
- the file with the finished animation will be very large
- due to time constraints, an error will occur and the animation will not be produced

Processing and downloading of the finished animation

Now a message appears about the file being processed. Wait patiently.

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When everything is ready, click "Download image".
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Wait for the image to download before closing the editor or pressing the "Go back" button, otherwise you will lose your work!
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After downloading the file, you can enjoy the finished animation, eg. such as:

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