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Free online converter between GIF and WEBP.

Increase and decrease the size (resolution) of the animation.
Extract frames from animated WEBP and GIFs.
Search on your computer, tablet or phone for the file to be converted:

(max file size 10 MB)

Output format - change gif / webp

select the correct type of output file:

created at the end of the 1980s, still a very popular format of graphics and animations on the Internet

modern format of graphics and animations providing better compression and greater possibilities

Enlarge or reduce GIF / WEBP

this allows you to reduce or enlarge the dimensions of the images and the entire animated file

keep the aspect ratio
width px
height px

Divide the animation into images - export

extract the frames
(instead of animation, a ZIP archive with single frames will be created)

keep transparent
without transparency, the images will look like in the animation
preserving transparency can be useful for further editing

if ready, press:

How to convert GIF to WEBP and vice versa?

How to change GIF or WEBP dimensions?

Step 1: Select the file.
Step 2: set options.
Step 1: Select the file.
Step 2: select resize.
If you want to explode the animation, check extract the frames.
Step 3: Click Next and wait.

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